Welcome Back Janet!


4 and a half years!  That is how long it has been since I last posted a blog on this WordPress site.  That is how long it has been since I felt I had anything to share on a blogging platform.  4 and a half years is too long.  Did I stop learning and living as my title says?  Absolutely not!  In fact, the last 4 and a half years have been spent learning how to hone my leadership skills.

Recent events have motivated me to begin blogging again!  I have always believed in the power of connection – connection with other educators on Twitter and other social media.

Event 1 – Last year Lisa Lande, an innovative educator in Idaho who works with Russ Quaglia on amplifying Teacher Voice, encouraged me to submit a proposal to speak at ASCD.  The proposal was accepted, and Lisa and I presented and told my story of how I rediscovered my Purpose through my connection on Twitter.  At that same time, I was able to meet Lisa Dabbs in person.  She introduced me to some other innovative women in education.  Thank you, Lisa and Lisa!

Event 2 – I have gotten connected with an inspiring group of women who are leaders in education.  The organizer of that group is Jennifer Hogan, principal, blogger, moderator of Alabama Edchat, and much, much more.  Jennifer shared a great post with ideas for blogging, and then hosted a chat with the sole purpose of encouraging educators to begin!  Thank you, Jennifer!

Event 3 – I ran into a colleague with whom I worked 10 years ago.  We have kept in touch through Twitter and catch up when we end up at education workshops here in Idaho.  Cindy Orr is passionate about reaching students; she is passionate about innovation; she is encouraging!  Cindy shared a conversation she had recently had with a patron of our district and the positive changes that they had noticed in the past few years.  Cindy encouraged me to begin telling our story through ways other than Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks, Cindy!

Event 4 – This week, I met George Couros in person.  George and I have been connected on Twitter for 8 years but never had the opportunity to meet.  He inspired me just as much in person as he does daily on Twitter.  Early in my days of Twitter…I was bold participated in a few virtual chats with administrators that included George.  It was at that time he created the “Connected Principals” network of which I happily joined.  George provided me with platforms that helped me find my voice – it is time for me to make it louder.  Thanks, George!

So…here I am – back in the blogging world!



Janet Avery has been an educator for 26+ years. She is currently the Jerome School District Curriculum Director and has been a Middle School Principal, Assistant Principal, and Secondary English Teacher. Janet has lived and worked in many places around the country, but Idaho has always been her home. She believes that every child deserves the best teacher facilitating their learning; and, every teacher deserves the best teacher teaching next to them! Known to many as @averyteach on Twitter, Janet is the moderator of #IDedchat (a weekly Twitter chat) and is a co-founder of #edcampidaho. Janet lives to fulfill her purpose of helping others live IN to their potential - to see their aspirations become reality. Do you "know your why"?